COMING SOON- To make America Great With his Desdenyc Clothing line.

Creating beautiful and expressive paintings with a deep and passionate appreciation for beauty in the natural sense.

Jose Rojas is a New York Artist and exclusive Desdenyc clothing retailer from the Island of Dominican Republic. His painting are relic like. All his art convey a treasure like attitude. Once you encounter his art you must agree that his emotions are resurrected with every brush stroke. With an iconic tradition of past masters reaching into their discipline like a child absorbing life. Jose Rojas applies a wide variety of experiences and colors and prefers to channel the style of past artist and this is how his subjects are simple and visually emotional, expressive and full of references of love and happiness.

Jose Rojas Art has been creating art since he was a child. His goal is to provide both a superior art to the customer experience and original art with tremendous value for his customers.

Jose Rojas has over 20 years of experience creating original art and is passionate about exceeding your expectations while enhancing his art skills to fully clearly expressed his emotions and the energy experience over the years. It is a combination of past masters the New York Art scene of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Pollock to name a few. He was also part of the highly criticize American Graffiti movement of New York.

Today, Jose Rojas Lives and work in New York he Paints mostly in Acrylic paint canvas, but has experienced with other materials too. Here you will find museum-quality prints.

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